Anderton Boat Lift

This wall hanging shows the original metal structure of the  boat lift with boats on the river at the bottom, waiting to be lifted up to the canal.
Life sized wall hanging to show the lift in its heyday

“I have just had a final look through that side of the exhibition and they all look great, I can not wait to see them full size!” Timothy Turner, Attraction Manager, Anderton Boat Lift

Client: Anderton Boat Lift, Cheshire

Task: Ice House worked with design company 55 Design to develop a completely new exhibition for the Anderton Boat Lift.

What we did: After an intense period of research and community consultation, we developed the themes and stories that were to form the foundations of the exhibition. Built around the main characters who designed, re-designed and restored the lift, stories explored the people who lived and worked at and around the lift.

How it worked:The exhibition needed to be complete for spring opening, so we worked intensively at the research stage, uncovering some fantastic stories through the National Waterways Museum and local enthusiasts and former boatmen. Working with illustrators, we developed an almost life-sized impression of how the lift would have looked in its heyday!