Bugsworth Basin

A small group touch the tactile map and compare it with the canal basin in the background.
Visitors looking at the tactile map at Bugsworth Basin

"The model is fine and gaining a lot of attention. All I have heard are good comments.”Ian Edgar, MBE, chairman of The Inland Waterways Protection Society Ltd

Client: British Waterways

Task: Ice House worked with design company 55 Design to develop a completely new exhibition for the Bugsworth Basin.

What we did: Our first task was to review the existing interpretation plan and develop ways of telling identified stories at the site in robust yet creative ways. We worked closely with the local canal society, primary school, a local artist and modelmakers Leander Architectural.

How it worked: Working very closely with the Inland Waterways Protection Society, we were able to create some very detailed reconstruction drawings as well as a tactile map showing the basins as they would have been in the 1890s. Our biggest challenge was to resolve quality issues concerning panels at one site due to vandalism, but we’re happy to say that these have now been resolved.