Bugsworth Basin

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Our lower juniors are 'investigating the area where we live' as part of their geography work over the next 2 terms. We have some keen artists on our staff and amongst the children so you're onto a winner! ”Lesley Hartley, headteacher, Bugxworth Primary School

Client: British Waterways

Task: To create a series of interpretive roundels for Bugsworth Basins.

What we did: In partnership with creative design company, 55 Deisgn, we worked with artist, Andy Comely to create beautiful bronze roundels inspired by interpretive themes.

How it worked: Andy and Eliza visited the canal and held workshops with the local primary school and community groups to develop ideas and experiment with 3d forms. Andy then worked with local people’s stories and children’s ideas to create the roundels – a great way of interpreting themes visually.