Discovery Boxes

Image of a wooden box, divided into segments containing pieces of coloured pottery and terracotta tiles, a brush, sponge and jugs demonstrating three stages of pottery production.
A Westport Lake discovery box containing pottery fragments from the site and pottery made locally

"We still have the lovely resources boxes. It is my intention to do work centred around the canal and to use the resources boxes for family events."Rachael Cleary, Community & Education Manager, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Client: British Waterways / Stoke on Trent City Council

Task: Ice House and its partner 55 Design worked on a new exhibition and learning discovery boxes for the new Westport Lake Visitor Centre in Staffordshire. The centre is now managed by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

What we did: We developed a series of loan boxes covering wildlife, the Potteries and the canal. Each loan box contains handling items as well as copies of original documents and old photographs and activities designed to encourage youngsters to explore the stories of Westport Lake.

How it worked: Ice House worked with local company Burleigh, local people and nearby schools to create the loan boxes. Skilled modelmaker. Phil Babb made a model of the lake and surrounding area in earlier times.