Netherwich Tunnel

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Client: The Waterways Trust

Task: To involve young people with the restoration of the Droitwich Canals by working with artist Richard Davies to create an arts lighting scheme.

What we did: Ice House worked closely with the Droitwich Canals Trust to come up with a project plan and oversee the work on behalf of the project team.

Eliza and Richard worked with different groups to develop designs and we engaged contractors to test, build and install the scheme.

How it worked: We visited the tunnel and an existing scheme with our groups of young people. The site visits, including boat trips and making a film, were for many, the first experience of a canal and of Birmingham City Centre.

We set up a series of workshops with young people, looking at how light works, using coloured films and thinking about the challenges of lighting a canal tunnel. A railway overhead, boats using the canal, bats living nearby and the cost of installing electricity were all things to be considered!

The launch of the scheme was a great success, with many of the original participants coming along to see how the scheme worked in real life.