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Stay SAFE near water

Loan boxes for schools and groups

Stay SAFE near water

Phew! We've just completed an order for 6 new loan boxes all about water safety for British Waterways. The loan boxes will be taken out to schools and groups by the British Waterways' WOW education volunteers. Volunteers across the country undertook training this summer, to learn about delivering different kinds of school and group visits including water safety.

The boxes, designed by the WOW team, include all sorts of activities that help children to learn about being safe near water. Teachers' notes describe the activities in detail and plenty of ideas about how to use the loan boxes.


To find out more about WOW go to:

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Scoping the past

A periscope is helping people to access the past

Scoping the past

When Stourport Forward created their Heritage Rooms at Stourport on Severn Canal Basins, they wanted to make it possible for everyone to see the canal basins.

Children and visitors in wheelchairs can visit the Old Ticket Office and compare a painting of the basins in the 1890s with a modern day view through a periscope. The original view over the basins is from a high window in the office, but everyone can now take a peek, thanks to the hand-made periscope, created by expert modelmaker Phil Babb.

Project Manager, Eliza Botham said "It's great to see so many people visiting the basins now. The volunteer team are doing a great job in putting on all sorts of events and opening up so that people can find out more about this canal town. The periscope is a bit of fun, but it helps to tell the story in a different way!"

The periscope can be seen to the left of Kate Wrigglesworth's painting of the basins.


For more information and to find out when the heritage rooms are open go to:

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Deal or No Deal?

St Margaret's make a deal with Veolia!

Deal or No Deal?

The St Margaret's Community Trust team recently went to make a presentation to the Veolia Board in London. Community Development Manager, Sarah Cooper, took the community with her when she went to see whether they could make a deal with Veolia.

Local MP Liam Byrne  took time out of his busy schedule to support the Trust at their presentation and even gave everyone a taste of Westminster with a quick tour of the Houses of Parliament.

The team have just heard that they've been successful in winning a £300,000 grant towards the new centre. It's a great boost to the Trust's work in the area. Sarah texted "Veolia said 'Deal' and St Margaret's Community Trust is to be their Flagship Project for the Region (West Midlands). So that's £300k coming our way for the new centre!!"

Ice House has been working with the team to put together an Activity Plan and are soon to submit their Heritage Lottery Bid.

Our photo shows the team with Liam Byrne at the Houses of Parliament on 5th July.

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Going back to school?

Enthusiastic volunteers are going back to school!

Going back to school?

When British Waterways asked Ice House to help set up a series of training days for their WOW educaiton volunteers, they were at the beginning of an ambitious programme! So far we've run training days focusing on going into school, running waterside activities, updating the WOW website and writing for children and families.

British Waterways is expanding volunteering opportunities nationally and the WOW team wanted to make sure that volunteers were well supported when they started to go out to schools. Within a few months, it's all happening! Volunteers are running a series of specially designed activities, helping to improve the website, publicising events and working at events.

Education Co-ordinator, Sarah Cook said "We'd never have enough people to be able to go out to visit all schools and groups. Now with volunteer teams we're able to give schools just what they've been asking for - a FREE visit introducing the waterways and water safety."

To find out more about WOW go to

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A Canal Runs Through It

New resource for WOW

A Canal Runs Through It A collection of suggested props for use in improvisation workshops!

The Droitwich Canals Play in a Day resource pack has been developed by Ice House for The Waterways Trust and WOW as part of the celebrations surrounding the restoration and reopening of the Droitwich Canals.

Children from several Droitwich Schools worked with a drama leader to develop their ideas and perform the play to a full house at the Norbury Theatre in Droitwich.

Why not download this resource at and have a go at developing your own Play in Day or use the archive material and transcripts to re-create “A Canal Runs Through It”.

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