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Scoping the past

A periscope is helping people to access the past

Scoping the past

When Stourport Forward created their Heritage Rooms at Stourport on Severn Canal Basins, they wanted to make it possible for everyone to see the canal basins.

Children and visitors in wheelchairs can visit the Old Ticket Office and compare a painting of the basins in the 1890s with a modern day view through a periscope. The original view over the basins is from a high window in the office, but everyone can now take a peek, thanks to the hand-made periscope, created by expert modelmaker Phil Babb.

Project Manager, Eliza Botham said "It's great to see so many people visiting the basins now. The volunteer team are doing a great job in putting on all sorts of events and opening up so that people can find out more about this canal town. The periscope is a bit of fun, but it helps to tell the story in a different way!"

The periscope can be seen to the left of Kate Wrigglesworth's painting of the basins.


For more information and to find out when the heritage rooms are open go to:

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