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Promising Pershore

Students at Pershore College learn about Environmental Interpretation

Promising Pershore Eliza introduced Pershore's BTECH Environmental Management Course to Interpretation in a classroom based session.

Students are currently studying approches to land based environmental interpretation. The session covered some theories and principles of good interpretation, interpretive planning, audiences and examples of interpretive work. The group discussed the merits of different approaches and considered local examples of environmental interpretation and how appropriate it might be in each setting.

Cecilia Dean, lecturer, said "Thank you so much again for coming - the students were really enthused and talking about it all the way down to the pond! It really is so very important that students get the chance to see from someone working in the industry how these things work."

Eliza commented "I thoroughly enjoy talking to students about interpretation - it's great to see people becoming passionate about how they can interpret places. We had a great discussion. Everyone brought lots of their own ideas to the table and wanted to talk about how they could help people to enjoy places that they felt were important."

Eliza is a committee member of the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI). She has practiced interpretation for more than 20 years and works with a wide group of associates and interpretation practitioners.To find out more abut AHI and the excellent courses they run, go to


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It's nice to be rewarded!

Ice House and the Bank Creative win an award.

It's nice to be rewarded!

Ice House and the Bank Creative when their project, the Stourport Heritage Rooms, won a Civic Society Award. The award was recognition for work they put into creating two small exhibitions on a budget.

Eliza said: “ We worked closely with the volunteers and members of Stourport Forward to carry out detailed research before  agreeing on some themes for the exhibition. So many people generously came forward and donated stories, photographs and even artifacts for the exhibitions. We’re delighted that we’ve had such support from local people.”




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