Stourport Heritage Rooms

This brightly coloured painting shows warehouses with narrowboats and trows unloading in the basins.
Ice House commissioned a painting to show the basins in their heyday by local artist Kate Wrigglesworth

“Great news - we have won the Regional Market Towns Award, West Midlands Partnership and Strategic Working category!”
Liz Sheerin, Stourport Forward.

Client: Stourport Forward

Task:Ice House won a pitch, working with the Bank Creative, to create two small exhibition rooms at the Canal Basins in Stourport on Severn as part of Stourport Forward’s regeneration work.

What we did: We researched, wrote, designed and installed exhibitions in a stable and an old ticket office. The project was based at Stourport-on-Severn's Canal basins as part of Stourport Forward's regeneration work. We created models and interactive exhibits as well as setting up loan arrangements with museums to display artifacts.

How it worked: We worked with volunteers, local people and enthusiasts, the Stourport Forward team, specialist designers, a modelmaker and an artist to create two small exhibitions. The project won a Civic Society Award, a Regional Market Towns Award and was commended for the Waterway Excellence Awards in 2010.

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